About the project:

Cities such as London are introducing low or zero emission zones to reduce the socio-environmental impacts of vehicles. Global logistics leader UPS have trialled pure electric vehicles and learned that they are limited on range.  If a pure electric delivery vehicle runs low on charge, pulling in to a service station to refuel is not an option.  Breakdowns can result in late deliveries and the spoiling of perishable items.  In many cases, vehicles need a range of at least 60 miles from distribution centres on the edge of town to be able to reach their delivery area in the city and then get back to base.   Tevva Trucks’ Range Extended Electric powertrain technology and smart control software achieves this and more. 

By operating on electric only mode in the city and using a traditional, small car engine running at optimum efficiency to recharge its batteries, TevvaDrive constantly optimises performance to deliver both zero emissions in town and a long range. Tevva and UPS have run single vehicle trials successfully for one year and need to scale up to fleet wide trials. Tevva and UPS will build and operate 15 of UPS' highly visible, iconic brown P80 delivery trucks across two UK sites, driving daily routes of up to 150 miles to demonstrate the technology’s readiness for mass fleet wide roll out.

Key project details

  • Project partners: Tevva Motors (lead), UPS
  • Trial vehicles: 15 x UPS 7.5-tonne gvw multi-drop urban distribution trucks (P80)
  • Duration: 12 months from April 2018

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