About the project:

Reducing air pollutant (NOx and PM) and CO2 emissions on UK roads is increasing priority for UK government, retailers, HGV hauliers and the general public.  HGVs account for 17% of all UK road transport emissions; but the opportunities to significantly reduce their emissions in the near future are limited. 

The Reduced Emissions Logistics (Red-E-Log) project offers an immediate solution in the use of liquid biomethane (LBM) burning engines for HGVs. By making use of biomethane (methane produced by bacteria feeding off waste streams) significant amounts of fossil fuel can be eliminated from UK roads.  This means the total CO2 equivalent for LBM trucks is as much as 85% less when compared to a present day HGV running on diesel, making this a solution to reducing global CO2 emissions that we can implement today.

The Red-E-Log project will deploy 29 of the latest generation (2017 and 2018) OEM warranted 44-tonne dual fuel and Liquid Natural Gas articulated trucks. The project will deploy three state-of-art truck technologies that are not currently (correct as of October 2016) in use in the UK with a high-profile fleet, and promote the reintroduction of LBM into the UK market.  

Key project details

  • Project partners: Kuehne & Nagel, Microlise, Cenex and Emissions Analytics
  • Trial vehicles:
    • 29 trucks demonstrating dual fuel methane / diesel. Split;
    • 25 x Volvos and 4 x Iveco
  • Duration: 18 months from December 2017

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