About the project:

Gnewt Cargo, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office (Greater London Authority), are working to diversify the fleet of Electric Vehicles for their Last Mile logistics. Gnewt’s project will lease 22 Voltia & 4 BD-OTO, N1 & N2 vehicles to perform last-mile logistics that are potentially far better suited for urban deliveries. Neither vehicles are currently in series production but have passed proof of concept stage which if approved, allows Gnewt to explore new business markets.

Gnewt proposes to use these three vehicle types in urban & inter-urban environments for Hermes, Menzies, Anglo, & TNT who all have varying delivery needs. Gnewt can test key scenarios such as manoeuvrability, range & environmental performance. The project will install and test on-site charging infrastructure at Gnewt depots which will be made accessible to other operators by agreement.

Gnewt will fit FleetCarma telematics to monitor routing, trip data & battery status. There is currently no research data on these types of vehicle in the public domain and therefore offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the efficacy of lower emission solutions that could be introduced more widely to London.  

Key project details


  • Project partners: Gnewt Cargo Limited, Mayor’s Office (Greater London Authority)
  • Trial vehicles: all professionally converted N1 and N2, include:
    • 22 x Voltia ENV-200
    • 4 x BD-OTO eDucato
  • Duration: 18 months from November 2017

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