About the project:

The ‘Maximising CNG Benefits’ consortium brings together three parties with extensive experience of operating and testing CNG vehicles and related refuelling infrastructure.

Since the first Low Carbon Truck Trial, John Lewis Partnership (JLP) have progressed from operating an extensive fleet of more than 40 dual fuel vehicles, to the operation of 12 dedicated CNG vehicles, all of which are operated and refuelled from their Leyland distribution hub.

CNG Fuels is the UK’s largest operator of public-access CNG stations, operating both the Crewe and Leyland stations. The CNG station in Leyland was the first in the UK to be connected to the high-pressure gas grid system.

The company also became the first supplier of biomethane to the transport industry approved under the DfT’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO), and since October 2016 has dispensed 100% of its CNG to customer vehicles as RTFO approved biomethane derived from waste.

  • The consortium aims to demonstrate the viability of adopting a significant number of dedicated gas vehicles into a fleet with complex and varied operating duty cycles. JLP will trial more than 40 vehicles, across different OEMS, engine sizes, and duty cycles.
  • CNG Fuels will develop a CNG station at a convenient location to JLP’s Milton Keynes based fleet, implementing novel back up equipment and systems, which will be tested to ensure uninterrupted gas availability at all times in the future.
  • University of Cambridge will implement and track the data from vehicle data-logging devices  across the demonstration fleet to collect a significant volume of data for the benefit of fleets elsewhere.

Key project details

  • Project partners: CNG Fuels (lead), John Lewis Plc, The University of Cambridge
  • Trial vehicles: 43 x dedicated gas HGVs
  • Duration: 12 months from March 2018

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